Data Master

Data Master 0.0

auto-populates MLS data and Public Records data directly into appraisal reports

DataMaster auto-populates MLS data and/or Public Records data directly into appraisal reports. It improves your ability to be more thorough and accurate with appraisal data. It virtually eliminates typographical errors.
DataMaster will allow you to auto-populate the data in the following areas of your report.
Subject Property:
- Auto-populate subject information into the appraisal form.
Comparable Sales Grid:
- Verify that the sales data is accurate.
- Auto-populate comparable information into the comparable sales grid.
- Customize the data format in the form.
- Specify where the data goes on the form.
- Compare public records property information with MLS property information.
DataMaster compares MLS sales data with public records data. The automated integration process links closing document information from public records with MLS sales data. This process gets accurate information into your report.

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